The parliamentary delegation held talks on Wednesday, 13/2/2019, with Hon. Abdul Haleem Minister of Islamic Affairs and Post at the Ministry premises in Colombo. During the talks, the head of the delegation, Dr. Adel Al-Damkhi, referred to Kuwait’s role in assisting the Muslims in Sri Lanka and praised the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Sri Lanka to appoint a special minister for Islamic affairs in Sri Lanka.

The Head of Deligation expressed his willingness to extend assistance to the people in Sri Lanka as well as to provide assistance to the Ministry for the training of Islamic Leaders and the establishment of mosques.

HE Ambassador Khalaf Bu Dhair said that there will be cooperation in the future in many charitable programs and many prospects for cooperation in the areas of Waqf and Zakat which benefit the society,

MP Abdullah Fahad al-Enezi reviewed the activities of Zakat House and charitable committees in helping Muslims in Sri Lanka and stressed the need to strengthen coordination between the two ministries in the future

Sri Lankan Minister Abdul Halim said Sri Lanka’s Muslims enjoyed all their rights under the current government and asked the delegation to provide assistance to Muslims in Sri Lanka in the training of Islamic Leaders, especially the restoration of the homeless in Sri Lanka. He shared the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka and their relations with Kuwait.

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