About the Embassy

Brief History

Official Diplomatic relationships between the two countries had begun from the 19th of February 1971.
The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Sri Lanka was established in the year 1995.
The Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait was established in the year 1981.

Name of the Kuwaiti Ambassadors’ in Sri Lanka from the inception stage:

  • Year 1995 – H.E. Sulaiman Al Rushdan
  • Year 1998 – H.E. Moosa Al Moosa
  • Year 2002 – H.E. Abdullah Nasser Al Sanoosi
  • Year 2005 – H.E. Fahad Hajar Al Mutairi
  • Year 2009 – H.E. Yaqoub Yousef Al Ateeqi

Relationship between Kuwait and Sri Lanka

A Strong relationship between both countries have been in existence since the time of the “Arab Traders” who Introduced Ceylon as “Serendib”.

The historical relationship between Sri Lanka and Kuwait has strengthened mainly due to the trade agreements between the two countries. The Cordiality between Sri Lanka and Kuwait enhanced rapidly since the inception of diplomatic engagement in many areas.

The visit of H.E. The president of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksha in May 2007 to Kuwait is valued highly significant as several agreements were successfully signed during this period. Before his visit to Kuwait Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunga, The former President of Sri Lanka made a courtesy visit to Kuwait. And both leaders had received a warm welcome from the Kuwaiti Authorities.

The relationship between the two countries was further strengthened after the visit of the two Kuwaiti trade Ministers to Sri Lank. The former Trade Minister of Kuwait Mr. Jasim Al Muzeef paid a courtesy visit to Sri Lanka in 1997 as well as Mr. Falah Fahad Al Hajiri who visited Sri Lanka in 2007. His visit was a milestone in various fields. During his visit to Sri Lanka he underlined the need to explore more avenues for expanding trade volume between the two countries.

The volume of trade exchange between Sri Lanka and Kuwait has increased to 2 billion Rupees. The value of exports to Kuwait from Sri Lanka in 2004 reached US$ 20 million and the value of imports reached US$ 22 million.

Sri Lankan products including tea, rubber, coconut, seeds, nuts, fresh vegetables, spices and almonds would be the main products highlighted in the Kuwait market among the exports to Kuwait.
Sri Lanka would be the main supplier of Tea to Kuwait. According to recent market sources 54% of Kuwaitis indulge in the tasteful varieties of tea produced in Sri Lanka.

The main Imports from Kuwait would be polythene, minerals, building materials and fiber glass. In addition 1750 barrels of crude oil and gas is also been imported.