Regular Visa Requirements

The following documents are to be submitted when applying for the visa

  1. Original Passport – Validity not less than 06 Months
  2. Duly filled one Application Form
  3. Original Visa
  4. Original Medical Certificate
  5. PCR Certificate confirming that the passengers are free from the Corona Virus (Covid-19)
  6. Passport size (01) Colour Photo
  7. Set of photo-copies of the above said documents


The Embassy of the State of Kuwait (Consular Division) has made the adjustment in the stamp fee effecting from 30th March 2022. Rates are in Sri Lankan Rupees LKR.

The New Charges are as follows:

    • Stamp fee for Passport – Rs. 12,000/-
    • Police Clearance Certificate – Rs. 6,000/-
    • Driving information extract letter : Rs. 24,000/-
    • House maid / Labour: Rs. 18,000/-
    • Certificate of Origin / Packing List: Rs. 18,000/-
    • Commercial Invoice: Rs. 12,000/-
    • Other Certificates: Rs. 6,000/-