Welcome to Visa Appointment System

All Agents need to reregister their Agencies only on online with the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in order to get pass to access the new Visa Appointment System.

Please make note that the embassy will not accept any documentation via post.

  1. Download the New Agency Registration Application
  2. Click on the “New Agency Registration” Button, to Register your Agency with the New Visa Appointment System.
  3. Please fill all the Fields in the online “Agency Registration Form”.
    1. Name of the Agency
    2. Bureau Registration Number
    3. Office Address
    4. Contact Person
    5. Contact Number
    6. Email Address
  4. Scan and upload the following documents only in JPG format, and ensure that the weight/Size of those documents are less than 500KB
    1. Business Registration Certificate
    2. Bureau Registration Certificate
  5. Click on the ‘Submit your Details” Botton.
  6. Fill the above (Downloaded) New Application Form,  Scan it only in PDF format (make sure that all the documents are scanned in to one PDF file with the required documents mentioned in the application form) and e-mail it to us at the below mentioned e-mail address mentioning your Agency Name and LL NO. as the subject of the e-mail.
    E-mail address – consulate@kuwaitembassy.lk
  7. Once your Account is Verified and Activated, an E-mail notification will be sent to you with your login Credentials.

Special Note:

Please refrain from sending unnecessary documents as your application will be rejected. 

DATE: 05TH MARCH, 2020


The Embassy requests all passengers travelling from Sri Lanka to Kuwait, with effect from 08th March, 2020, to carry out the below given instructions and as per the directives from the concerned authorities in the State of Kuwait (Health Authority & Civil Aviation) regarding the outbreak of Coronavirus, has requested all passengers to carry out the following compulsory, obligatory instructions:

  1. A completed medical examination – PCR certificate confirming that the passengers are free from the Coronavirus (Covid-19), issued by the approved Embassy health centres and certified by the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Colombo.
  2. If instruction (1) is not carried out, passengers will not be able to enter the State of Kuwait and will be deported on the airlines they arrived on for which the  State of Kuwait will not bare any financial costs and a fine will be levied on the airline company for violation of this circular
  3. Kuwaiti citizens are exempt from this circular

This circular comes in to effect from 8th March, 2020 until further notice.

The following hospitals have been approved by the Embassy to perform the relevant test for Corona Virus:

DURDANS – No. 3, Alfred Place, Colombo 3
DURDANS –  Kurunagala
Call: 0112 140 111 to make a prior appointment for Corona Virus, COVID-19 testing

ASIRI SURGICAL HOSPITAL, 21 Kirimandala Mawathe, Colombo 05

ASIRI HOSPTIAL MATARA, No 26, Esplanade Rd Uyanwatta, 81000

ASIRI HOSPITAL GALLE, No.10 Wakwella Road, Galle 80000

ASIRI HOSPITAL KANDY, 907 Peradeniya Rd, Kandy 20000

Contact person:- Ms. Sumudu Gunathilake, Manager Wellness
Email: sumudu@asiri.lk    Mobile: 077 346 9643 & 076 610 4151


No. 578 Elvitigala Mawatha, Colombo 05.

Hotline Numbers to get an Appointment:
For Foreign Patients – 0767992716
For Local Patients – 0716445387 / 0115431517