Welcome to Visa Appointment System

Important: All Agents must Reregister their Agencies with the Embassy of the State of Kuwait, to get pass to access the new Visa Appointment System.

    1. Click on the “New Agency Registration” Button, to Register/ReRegister your Agency with the New Visa Appointment System.
    2. Please fill all the Fields in the “Agency Registration Form”.
      • Name of the Agency
      • Bureau Registration Number
      • Office Address
      • Contact Person
      • Contact Number
      • Email Address
    3. Scan and Upload the following Documents only in JPG Format, and ensure that the Weight/Size of these Documents is Less than 500 KB.
      • Business Registration Certificate
      • Bureau Registration Certificate
    4. Click on the “Submit Your Details” Button to send your Details and Documents to Embassy for Varification.
    5. Once your Account is Verified and Activated, An Email Notification will be sent to you with your Login Credentials.